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MovieSherlock LeoTiger - video downloader for your Mac

Download almost any video with your Tiger/Leopard Mac

MovieSherlock LeoTiger - YouTube video downloader that will work on your PPC (and Intel) Mac seamsly.

  • Correct file naming: the downloaded videos will retain the original names from the source web-pages. It was quiet difficult to get it work with any web-site.
  • Right video format: if you get this video with MovieSherlock - be sure, you can play it.
  • Save as MP3: downloaded videos will be automatically converted to MP3 for you.
  • iTunes integration: add to iTunes library downloads and copy them to any of your devices such as: iPhone, iPad, iPod, etc
  • Simultaneous download: get them as many as you need :)
  • Fast download: 15x faster than real time!

Free Trial Version: 2.0.0 Buy Now Only $39.99

All your license codes will be always valid for MovieSherlock. Once you decide to upgrade, just download Intel version of MovieSherlock and use your license code!
System requirements
Mac OS X 10.4, 10.5 PPC or Intel - universal binaries    Click here if you Mac is Intel 10.6, 10.7, 10.8 or you are unsure

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