Capibara Inc.


Latest MovieSherlock version is: 6.0.2

Please update your MovieSherlock to the latest version: 6.0.2

Please follow this link download MovieSherlock to download latest version of MovieSherlock YouTube downloader to your Mac.

Whats new in this version:

  • Correct naming for YouTube videos
  • Added support for YouTube age limited videos
  • Added support for Vube videos
  • Added support for Yahoo!Screen videos
  • Added support for Yahoo!Movies videos
  • Added support for VeeHD videos
  • Added support for videos
  • Added support for more Vevo videos
  • Added support for more Vevo age limited videos
  • Fixed suggested videos (similar)
  • Fixed search in YouTube;
  • Increased heuristic video detection algorithms: now captures more videos;
  • Support metadata for MP4 and MP3 - now it will have original URL included;
  • Video Capture now tries to get correct video file naming;
  • Fixed Safari Extension to work more often with YouTube videos even for embedded videos;
  • Added Greek localization;
  • Improved download speed and stability.

Please use your old license code to activate the MovieSherlock if you are asked to.

Please update your copy of MovieSherlock to receive even better functionality

Due to the nature of MovieSherlock functionality, quite often only latest release can provide bug-free functionality.